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Mark Hopkins | Bronze Sculpture - Grandfather's Prayer

Mark Hopkins | Bronze Sculpture - Grandfather's Prayer

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Solid bronze sculpture by world-renowned artist Mark Hopkins
Edition limited to 500

Size: 17" x 19"

Mark Hopkins’ Sculptures are known the world over for their beautifully natural and flowing motion. While his work portrays a spontaneous moment in the life of its subject, it also portrays the deep inner “spirit” of the human or animal being portrayed. He often focuses exclusively on faces and hands, in order to express the very heart of the emotion or experience. And even in the very ordinary moments in the daily life of the subject, Mark manages to convey both nobility and majesty.

Through the years, Grandfather has seen much - tears on the faces of the women when war was has taken their men, and their dancing feet in times of peace and plenty. His ears have heard the piercing cry of battle and the laughter of children at play. Always, he prays to The Great Spirit for peace, for a place of refuge for his people, for a time of dancing and laughter. Too many tears have wearied his heart. It is time.

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