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Dan Garrett Bronze

Dan Garrett "Grasslands Warrior" Bronze on Sculpture

Dan Garrett "Grasslands Warrior" Bronze on Sculpture

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Dan Garrett "Grasslands Warrior" Bronze on Sculpture

Dan Garrett "Grasslands Warrior" Bronze on Sculpture.Years of research went into creating the historical accuracy of the clothes, splendid necklace and jewelry of this remarkable bronze sculpture. This sculpture exudes nobility, stoicism , and strength. It speaks eloquently of the pain and poignancy of the Native American experience. His sensitivity to Native Americans , anatomical mastery, and the unusual delicacy of the patina are Dan Garrett's hallmarks.

This a rare opportunity to own an exceptional museum piece: Glance to the Past has become a hard-to-find artwork and all of Dan Garrett's work is highly sought. Dan Garrett's award winning work is displayed in public museum collections across the United States. His life-size bronze, "The Messenger," can be seen in the Benson Park Sculpture Gardens in Colorado. The most recent placement of one of his monuments was the piece commissioned for the "Wyoming National Guard Memorial," across from the State Capitol building in Cheyenne, Wyoming. One reviewer said of Glance to the Past. "Evoking a lost time when the World-and man-was younger, more vibrant, and innocent. Dan Garrett takes us to a place in which primal instincts and unseen forces ruled the earth."

This sculpture emotional, stirring, noble, passionate, sad, and painful all at once. It is definitely a showpiece. People comment on it all of the time. It is eye-catching and has a strong presence in any room; as it is fine art, it has a distinctive, almost live personality or charisma. It is specially made so it can be displayed directly on a wall-superbly dramatic when properly lit. It is hard to capture the variations in patina and the remarkable way the artist has treated the bronze.

This is signed by the artist, numbered 01 out of a strictly limited edition of 50. The approx Height is 31" with a Width of 21" and Depth of 13" and Weighs approx 125 pounds. We ship Worldwide and fully insured to your door. This is amazing bronze Dan Garrett Sculpture will be shipped in a custom wooden crate fully insulated with foam with the sculpture in the upright position at a total weight of 134 pounds.

We ship fully insured Worldwide fully insured with signature required upon delivery.










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